Performing a Primary Survey

How do you perform a Primary Survey?

The phrase “Primary Survey” can be a little hard to decipher if you have never taken a First Aid Course before, not only that but it is always hard to remember specific steps in any Emergency Setting for those who are not dedicated Emergency Medical Professionals.

The best way to think of the “Primary Survey” is to think about the bodies Primary Need. As humans we use many fuels to support our life, however there is one in specific that all our bodies needs hinge on. “Oxygen“. Oxygen is the key to any emergency, if the victim is breathing but unconscious roll them into the recovery position, if the victim is “Not” breathing “Start CPR“. That means your “Primary Survey” is simplified to this… The victim “is” breathing… Or … The victim is “not” breathing.


To perform the Primary Survey look for the Primary Need by performing these 3 steps.


1) Check the Scene for Safety, then check the victim
-They are breathing, They are “Not” breathing
2) Call 911
3) Care For the Victim.

These steps are designed to help you in any emergency. The difference may be someones life. Always remember too…

Protect Yourself!!! Call 911!!! Don’t Waste Time!!!