Symptoms of chronic Alcohol exposure:

Symptoms of chronic Alcohol exposure:

Today we wanted to address some information that we have come across about Alcohol exposure. There are many different scientific experiments and documents that show that alcohol can and does have some benefits, but also has some serious drawbacks.

First, lets take a look at what many people believe:

  • – “A glass of wine or beer a day is healthy”
  • – “I don’t get drunk so I’m not an alcoholic”
  • – “I don’t need it, it just helps me sleep”
  • – “I only use it socially, I don’t need it, I can quit any time I want”
  • – “Its not a “mind altering drug” so I don’t see what the big deal is”

Some of these phrases you might have heard before, and yes according to many “Health Authorities” there can be some benefits. If you simply Google “Health benefits of a glass of beer/wine a day” you will probably get answers like the following:

A glass of Beer a day:

beer may be as effective at improving general heart health as wine at comparable alcohol levels

Here are eight reasons why.

  • Beer is more nutritious than other alcoholic drinks. …
  • Beer can help protect your heart. …
  • Beer helps prevent kidney stones. …
  • Beer lowers bad cholesterol. …
  • Beer strengthens your bones. …
  • Beer helps reduce stress. …
  • Beer may help improve memory. …
  • Beer helps cognitive function.

A glass of Wine a day:

Research suggests that drinking an occasional glass of red wine is good for you. It provides antioxidants, may promote longevity, and can help protect against heart disease and harmful inflammation, among other benefits. Interestingly, red wine likely has higher levels of antioxidants than white wine.

10 Health Benefits of Red Wine

#1. Rich in antioxidants.

#2. Lowers bad cholesterol.

#3. Keeps heart healthy.

#4. Regulates blood sugar.

#5. Reduces the risk of cancer.

#6. Helps treat common cold.

#7. Keeps memory sharp.

#8. Keeps you slim.

But…… What is the truth in his information? Is it actually good for me or can it cause me harm? The key like anything we look up, is “MODERATION“.

The True Science:

Health Authorities recommend “At MOST” 1 drink/day for women (MAX of 2), 2 drinks a day for men (MAX of 3). MAXIMUM of 10 a week for women and 15 a week for for men. The reason? Female genetic design allows women to absorb 1/3 more of alcohol than men do in a negative way, this is due to a lower volume of ADH “Alcohol dehydrogenase” the hormone that breaks down alcohol. ADH is also reduced by, fasting/intermittent fasting/irregular eating habits/poor dietary habits/genetic predispositions that lowers your ability to regulate alcohol effects, this can amplify the effects of alcohol and lead to some of the following.

Chronic Alcohol Exposure:

“Long term effects of alcohol abuse include the following but can include more.”

  • -Bladder, kidney, pancreas, and prostate damage
  • -Bone deterioration and osteoporosis
  • -Brain disease, central nervous system damage, and strokes
  • -Deterioration of the testicles and adrenal glands
  • -Diabetes “Type 2 or non-insulin dependent
  • -Gout “due to pancreatic damage” leading to deformed/damaged joints
  • -Disease of the muscles of the heart
  • -Fertilization and sexual impotence in men “enlarged male breasts
  • -Impaired memory and balance
  • -Increased risks of death from all causes
  • -Malnutrition
  • -Non-viral hepatitis
  • -Severe psychological depression and paranoia
  • -Skin rashes and sores
  • -Ulcers and inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

This list is by no means all-inclusive. Alcohol abuse exerts direct toxic effects on all filters within the body.

With any substance that we encounter through our day to day lives, it is important to weight the health benefits of such exposure. Weigh the pro’s and cons of anything, look up the information on your own and decide from multiple sources the impact it can have on your life. We want to keep you healthy, safe and improve your life. For more information on alcohol and its effects consult your local medical professional group.

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