Bone, Muscle & Joint Injuries “Part 1”

Sprains, strains, dislocations and fractures are all part of this portion of First Aid training as its such a common injury during almost any every day task. Slips, trips, falls, improper lift techniques or just plain accidents, your body can be subjected to twists, turns and impacts that can cause damage to almost any body part. In this portion it would seem that the amount of information can be staggering, but we can break it down into the basic groups on what we can do, what we should avoid doing, and what helps the victim feel the most comfortable during this injury.

What is it?:

  • Sprain – “The stretching or tearing of ligaments at the joints”
  • Strains – “Stretching and or tearing of muscles or tendons from their natural position causing damage and pain”
  • Dislocations – “An injury that moves a bone out of its normal position at a joint.”
  • Fracture – “A break, chip, or crack in a bone. In an “open” fracture, the bone breaks through the skin, in a “closed” fracture, the skin is not broken.”


  • Falls
  • Awkward or sudden movements
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Direct blows to the body
  • Repetitive forces, such as running “Stress fractures”
  • Contact or non-contact sports


  • Always wear seat belts & shoulder restraints when your in a vehicle.
  • Small children must be in an approved and properly installed child restraint system when in a vehicle “Car seat / booster seat”
  • During activities, wear the appropriate safety equipment correctly “Helmets, goggles & pads to help save you from injury”
  • Put non-slip adhesive strips or a mat in the bath to prevent falls
  • Wear proper sports equipment to avoid injury
  • Check water depth before diving
  • Stretch before exercising
  • Enter above ground pools always feet first
  • Know your limits, when you are too tired or frustrated, take a break.
  • Falls are the leading cause of injuries among the elderly. Reduce the risk with safety measures like “Good lighting, Sturdy railings, Non slip floors or rugs”

In our next post on Sprains, strains, dislocations and fractures we will focus on what to do to help a person once the injury has occurred. Bone, muscle, and joint injuries are almost always painful. Without first aid, they can lead to serious injuries and even permanent disabilities. In some cases, they can be life-threatening.

In any emergency just remember to Protect Yourself!!! Call 911!!! Don’t Waste Time!!!

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