The importance of learning First Aid

First Aid in thew workplace – Saving Grace Medical Academy Ltd has been in operation sense 2011 helping students get the education they need to maintain employment standards for safety.

“BUT WHY??? Why do I have to take this class??? How long do I have to be here??? Whats the point of learning First Aid if an Ambulance is coming anyway???”

These are the most “classic, downplay questions” we get each day at our First Aid and Basic Life Support Provider CPR Programs. For this reason, we at Saving Grace Medical felt it was necessary to employ staff who had actually been in the emergency medical scene with a medical license to help the public understand. “We are always there to help you “AFTER” the accident has happened”. Not Before, Not During, Not even in the most critical moments, EMS – Emergency Medical Services is there “After the fact”.

Currently there is a Paramedic, Nurse and Doctor crisis happening in our Province and many territories of thew world. We both honor and respect our Health Care Workers here at Saving Grace Medical as we are either Current, or past, Health Care Providers.

“We’ve done this”

It can take an average of 18 – 35 minutes for an ambulance to arrive at your home “on a good day” within the greater Edmonton, Alberta region. This begs a question “How long can you last without critical care?” Do you have the knowledge to help stabilize a friend, colleague, loved one in the time it takes for an ambulance to arrive? Do you know the steps to take in the most critical moment to recognize the immediate danger to life and health? Do you have the training to do this?

We wrote this not to make you uncomfortable or even feel scared, we are our school are firm believers that First Aid should be a part of regular grade school curriculum and taught yearly for proficiency. Children should known how to dress a wound, recognize infection, create a split, sling, bandages, use a anti Opioid kit, EpiPen, Inhaler, treat a fever, perform CPR with or without tools.

Wouldn’t you sleep better knowing that you and your children were trained in real skills to save a life?

Learn First Aid and Basic Life Support Today and Save a Life Tomorrow with Saving Grace Medical Academy ltd.


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