Basic Life Support Training in your area


We want to help, our Pre-Requisite courses for Health Care Professionals are in full swing to get you prepared for your next practical experience placement, like our Standard First Aid or Basic Life Support Provider CPR class through the Heart & Stroke Foundation.


We’re Open and Better than ever!

Saving Grace Medical Academy has been a long time supporter of education, to continue our goals of higher education we have moved into the “Fulton Place School” in support of the Edmonton Public School Board. What better way to support education and our future than by supporting our very own local Edmonton Public School Board.

New Location

Fulton Place Edmonton Public School

10310 – 56 St NW, Edmonton, Ab, Ca

Classroom #2

We have new courses to help you get the education you need and certificates when you need them. If you are a #NursingStudent, #MedicalStudent ,#MedicalProfessional or any #HealthCareProfessional that is required to maintain Basic Life Support Provider CPR “BLS”, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support “ACLS” or even Standard First Aid certificates for the Work Force, we have you covered.

As we continue to support education and our future health care professionals our primary in class training focus has been to provide Standard First Aid + BLS Provider training for the next level of future Nursing Students. This course is required for all students going into EMR, EMT, Nursing, and for practicum training with a current deadline of the end of August for your first semester.

While the training has changed at AHS “Alberta Health Services” from an in class educational platform, to a now online review and in house TEST for BLS Provider, we have not forgotten about you! We are still offering in class training for Basic Life Support Provider CPR & AED, ACLS Provider, Standard First Aid and even Red Cross Standard First Aid to ensure you get what you need, when you need it. Our class sizes are limited to ensure the safety of all in attendance and with this in mind we have the alternative online training methods available as well to reduce in class time (BLS 60 Blended Online, ACLS Blended Online, and Red Cross Blended – Online) are now options for you to help with your busy lifestyle.

In Class Training is still a GO!

We are now offering in class training for:

Heart & Stroke Foundation

  • Basic Life Support Provider CPR
  • BLS Renewal
  • BLS 60 Blended / Online
  • Standard First Aid + Basic Life Support Provider
  • Standard First Aid Renewal
  • Advanced Life Support ACLS
  • ACLS Renewal
  • ACLS Blended / Online

Canadian Red Cross

  • Standard First Aid CPR-C & AED “Blended 1 Day In Class Course”

Covid-19 Friendly Courses “Blended / Online Training”

To keep your students safe and continue to provide them the highest quality of training even during a pandemic, we are continuing to maintain our “Online Training Courses”, this reduces time in class and also gives us a fall back if another lock down were to occur, our students can relax in safety from home and still receive the education they need!

Heart & Stroke Foundation

  • Basic Life Support Provider 60 Blended Online
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Blended Online

Canadian Red Cross

  • Standard First Aid CPR-C & AED ” Blended Online”

The Pandemic VS Education

Many schools have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic, with social distancing guidelines, cleaning guidelines, isolation guidelines and lack of supplies to maintain proper sterilization equipment we understood why so many businesses, functions, social gatherings and schools had closed.

We support Edmonton Public Schools

We have new procedures, new courses, a new classroom and all the Covid-19 Pandemic supplies to maintain a cheerful, fun, educational and safe environment for Students of all ages

For more details on the courses we have to help you get back on track, please visit us at


Getting you the courses you need, when you need them!