CPR “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation” Adult & Child

CPR “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation” Adult & Child

How to Perform CPR “Part 2 of 3”

In our last post we focused on the basic information you would need to know about CPR and how its performed. For this Post we will focus giving you the “Step by Step CPR Guide”. This guideline is for the “General Public” for the Health Care Provider we will have a post later on dedicated to the new standards set by ILCOR, The Heart & Stroke Foundation, and the Basic Life Support CPR-C for HCP’s Health Care Providers guidelines.

In any Emergency remember to:

1) Protect yourself “Make sure its safe before helping”

2) Call 911 “Get your Paramedic Partners going”

3) Don’t Waste Time “Each second without oxygen can cause brain damage, don’t waste it wondering what to do, just help”

If the person is “Not breathing” and has gone unconscious for any reason “START CPR, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation”

CPR “Adult & Child”

1) Start CPR by:

– Place the hell of one hand on the middle of the person’s chest, place the other hand on top “Palm above Palm in the Center of the Chest”

– Push Hard / Push Fast “DO 30 Compression’s in a row” Allowing the chest to recoil or raise up to the top after each compression.

2) Give two Breaths by:

– If you have a pocket mask “Use it now” or:

– Open the airway by using the “Head-tilt / Chin lift technique

– Pinch the person’s nostrils closed.

– Take a normal breath

– Cover the person’s mouth with your mouth

– Give two breaths, taking about 1 second per breath with just enough volume to make the chest rise up.

3) If your breaths go in:

– Repeat the cycle of 30 chest compression’s and 2 breaths

– If your breaths do NOT go in: Repeat the cycle of 30 chest compression’s and 2 breaths.

4) Continue CPR until:

– The scene is no longer safe to be in

– More advanced care arrives.

– An A.E.D arrives and has told you to stop.

– You have become physically unable to continue.

– The victim starts to breath normally on their own.

We never know what can happen, its always good to be prepared and have the knowledge we need to help those who need it.

“This material is for information purposes only and is taken from The Canadian Red Cross / Alberta Heart & Stroke Foundation & Alberta Health Services. This information should not be used in place of medical, Technical advice, instructor, and/or treatment. If you have questions, speak to your local Physician or Safety Training Facility.”

Just Remember:

Protect Yourself!!! Call 911!!! Don’t Waste Time!!!

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