SHOCK – What to look for & How to Help

Shock is one of those things that all of us will experience sometime in our life and yet many of us have forgotten that it also can be a deadly scenario. “Shock Always Has A Cause” and that’s one thing that we can use to help us treat it, once you figure out what has caused it “Fix it” and shock will begin to lessen.

Shock happens when your body goes through a sudden internal or external event causing the body to demand more oxygen rich blood. In doing so the body will focus the remaining oxygen rich blood it has into key body parts to sustain your life and yet leave others unattended. Any vital organ which does not have enough blood or oxygen will eventually begin to fail. This is why “Shock Can Be Deadly“.

Anyone can go into Shock, even those rescuing the victims
To make it easy just remember that “It Doesn’t Matter what caused the Victim to go into shock” once you figure out what caused it “Fix it“.

Shock can often be caused by:
-Excessive Blood Loss – A Weak Heart – Extensive Burns – Infection – Excessive Fluid Loss – Fear or Anxiety – and many more

What to look for:
Altered Personality – Extreme Anxiety – Cool / Clammy Skin – Pale Skin tone – Confusion – Excessive thirst – Rapid Breathing – Nausea / Vomiting / weakness – Drowsiness.

How to help:

  • Move or Remove the victim “If possible” from the area that may be causing the shock.
  • Assess the victim and find the root of the cause “Shock Always Has A Cause”
  • Offer comfort / warmth and reassurance
  • Treat the cause of the shock and follow your local emergency response techniques.

In any situation we hope that you follow the simple rules

Protect Yourself!!! Call 911!!! Don’t Waste Time!!!