Online – BLS Basic Life Support Provider CPR&AED “HCP” Is back up and running!

Covid -19 Basic Life Support Interim Training

Health Care Provider Level CPR “AKA” Basic Life Support Provider BLS

Over the years of helping students get the training they need for the employment they require, we have had countless questions on whether or not someone needs the Health Care Provider level CPR also known as Basic Life Support Provider or the general public version of CPR. We understand the confusion as many societies offer their own version of the HCP Health Care Provider CPR course. The final decision on what course a student needs is what their governing society accepts.

But what about Covid – 19?

  • How do we do our CPR class with social distancing?
  • How can we still keep up to date on life saving techniques but not infect patients?
  • What options do I have to keep certified or even recertify during the “Covid-19 Pandemic”?

We have had many students contact us as the Covid-19 Pandemic was breaking out across the world with their concerns. Fear, sadness, and uncertainty are common in this new world where “Self Isolation, Distancing, Disease and Death” loom at every turn.

We want to help our students and those around the world. Saving Grace Medical is a Family based business that has been in operation sense 2011, helping Health Care Professionals and General Public get the life saving training they need to both match Occupational Health & Safety Regulations for their workplace. We know the fear and anxiety that you may be faced with by going back to work, the fear that has been perpetuated by social media and some of the false news that may have sparked panic.

To help, we wanted to offer the newly accredited “Covid – 19 Pandemic Basic Life Support Interim Class” which will help you get through this tough time and still get the certification you need for employment within the Health Care System.

Basic Life Support Provider Interim Training

This 2 part course helps health care professionals in a simple way, by splitting the Basic Life Support Provider CPR&AED course into two pieces “Online Cognitive Learning” & “In Class Skill Assessments” we can avoid the risk of Covid-19 spreading by having our students attend a fully “Online Learning Lecture + Conference”. Then once the Pandemic is concluded the “In Class Skill Assessments” will be scheduled with the new regulations on hygiene, hand washing and social distancing to maximize safety for our students and staff alike.

For more information please feel free to contact us at

Our Basic Life Support Interim Program is run through our Edmonton Location with many time slots to chose from. As Alberta Health Services also recommends that due to liability, if your BLS CPR or Basic Life Support for Health Care Provider certificate expires you should not be allowed to work until it is reactivated. For this reason Saving Grace Medical has extended our BLS program course dates as of this year to “Monday Through Saturday” and even on Sundays upon request for groups. There will be more Basic Life Support Provider CPR/AED Level C courses available for our students.

Getting you the course you need, when you need it! We hope this has helped clear some information on standards set forward by Alberta Health Services.

We look forward to seeing you!

We never know what can happen, its always good to be prepared and have the knowledge we need to help those who need it.

“This material is for information purposes only and is taken from The Canadian Red Cross / Alberta Heart & Stroke Foundation & Alberta Health Services. This information should not be used in place of medical, Technical advice, instructor, and/or treatment. If you have questions, speak to your local Physician or Safety Training Facility.”

Just Remember:

Protect Yourself!!! Call 911!!! Don’t Waste Time!!!

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