The Emergency Medical Services

Most common it is believed that the Emergency Medical System starts with paramedics and nurses, the truth in fact is that the Emergency System begins with “You“. There are many reason’s why you may hold back from helping someone in an emergency, fear of infection, fear of Liability, fear of repercussions or even fear of helping in the wrong way.

Just remember that in Alberta you are “NOT” obligated to perform any act of First Aid even if you are certified. However we do hope that you would help or at the very least Call 911.

The Sooner you start CPR for a casualty that is not breathing the sooner their brain can get life saving blood and oxygen.

Even if your nervous calling 911 is still helping. Emergency workers will only come and help if you call 911.


Protect yourself!!! Call 911!!! & Don’t Waste Time!!!

Learn First Aid today and save a life tomorrow with Saving Grace Medical Academy ltd. Your central Alberta First Aid training station.

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