The benefit of learning CPR

The benefit of learning CPR

Have you ever wondered at why taking a CPR class could be beneficial to you? Or, are you asking yourself “Why do I have to keep doing this class each year as a Health Care Professional?” These are a couple of the questions I get as a CPR instructor almost every day, and I’d love to help you.

As an Instructor for CPR and First Aid for the last 13 years, I have learned many things, I have had to unlearn some things I was taught “Not easy sometimes” as when your younger if your taught something in trust and take it as fact, its hard to change your mind. But I want to help, and show you the benefits of learning this life saving skill of CPR also known as Basic Life Support.

CPR is not just for Heart Attacks!

Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory Arrest, Neurological Failure or even systemic shock could lead you to end up doing CPR / Basic Life Support.

The biggest reason why I wanted to teach CPR myself was actually the loss of my Grandfather, he was “Dad” to me, a mentor, friend, and he raised me to be the person I am now. He is sorely missed. I’m hoping that I can help you avoid the same regret that follows unsuccessful CPR. The biggest factor in why CPR will not work? The time it takes for an ambulance to get to you, this is critical and “This is how he passed”, “it was down to time”, time to get to the hospital, time to get the paramedics, doctors, nurses involved, and even more time waiting for Stars to attempt an emergency evac for him. Sadly, the time it took for all of that was time Dad didn’t have.

Distance and time waiting for medical professional help”

  • This is the reason why you should learn CPR or even First Aid:

In the last couple years Medical Professionals in Canada have gone from high praise to low praise with the Pandemic and back again. The importance of these magnificent people can’t be stressed, enough they may not always be right “No mechanic always is” and these people have took it upon themselves to do this job not for the glorious amounts of money “which they don’t actually get”, but for the passion of helping others.

As an Ex EMT Paramedic myself, I have picked up body parts, delivered babies, helped people in their most critical moments of their life and even seen them pass. I learned that the job of a Health Care Professional is hard and comes with little benefits. It always seems like your there to late, and this is why I write this little post. Not to push anything, but to bring awareness and encourage you, the reader, to take charge of your medical future and give the best chance to those in need.

As medical professionals in Canada face a change in their system of operation, and budgets become an ever increasing fear and threat to the industry of saving lives. Taking the first steps to guard yourself against delays is only logical.

Provide yourself with the steps to ensure your own safety but the safety of others while you wait for a medical professional to assist you. Learn the signs and symptoms that are associated with Cardiovascular Disease, Mental Fatigue and illness, or even genetic disorders which could leave you predisposed to critical illness.

Currently, about 9 in 10 people who have cardiac arrest outside the hospital die. But CPR can help improve those odds. If it is performed in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival.This fact is taken directly from the CDC

If you can start CPR early, within moments, you can exceed the chance of survival by over %50 and give them that fighting chance. I see many people struggle with this after losing a loved one. Asking themselves what they could have, should have or might have done. The choice for me was to learn as much as I could after I went through this myself. I took it upon myself to teach others how to avoid this painful loss.

Knowledge is something that is always being shaped, learned, unlearned and refreshed. If you don’t use it you’ll lose it was how I was originally taught as a carpenter who turned into a Medical professional. The skills change, the knowledge changes, and how we teach the class changes to help better match with learning capabilities of students.

The CPR program from 5, 10 or 15 years ago is no longer the same.

Learn CPR Today with me at Saving Grace Medical Academy, and Save a Life Tomorrow yourself as you wait for EMS to help you and your loved ones escape disaster.