“HELP!!!” Emergency numbers of Alberta – Knowledge worth Knowing.

“HELP!!!” Emergency numbers of Alberta – Knowledge worth Knowing.

In Alberta Canada many people don’t know what “HELP” is available during an emergency. Who would you call if there was a wild or strange animal in your yard or in the neighborhood? If I am alone and frightened, depressed, scared of someone or something I cant explain who can I call? What is the Poison Control number? Animal Control? Fire? Ambulance? Police? These questions we’ll address as the Canadian Government has put some “Quick Access Numbers” into use that will help. We’ll explain below what each one is and how to utilize them.


In Alberta Canada like many other provinces 911 handles a multitude of Emergency Related phone calls. For this reason the Canadian Government has linked 911 to many other emergency hot lines to help streamline the process of getting Emergency Service Workers in touch with you. For this reason, This will help you as you only need to remember 911 and the 911 Dispatcher will help get you to the right emergency connection line. 911 is linked to:

  • – Animal Control,
  • – Poison Control,
  • – Police,
  • – Ambulance,
  • -Fire
  • – CSIS.


Health Link” a 24/7 call center provides a number of clinical services including tele-triage and health advice, navigation services and online content support for all Albertans by calling 811 or by using one of its companion web products, MyHealth.Alberta.ca or informAlberta.ca. The specific services include:

  • – Symptom-based nurse triage and health information
  • – System navigation
  • – Dementia Advice Service
  • – Catch-A-Break Osteoporosis screening
  • – AlbertaQuits Tobacco Helpline
  • – Addictions information and referral
  • – Central Access to specialized services
  • – Referrals to clinical services including Specialized Medication Advice and Dietitian Services




“Phone Service Line” Will not help during emergencies


Traffic Information – Transportation Canada “Alberta” has put this number into service to help those on the highway remain safe and in the know. Road conditions can change rapidly as our weather changes along with driver conditions. This number will help you get in touch with an Automated / Representative that can help give you “Journey Management Options and risk levels” Drive safe

  • -“Remember” Stay Alive, Don’t Drink & Drive or Toke & Drive


Directory Services” This is a phone service which will connect you with the Canada 411 Phone Directory.


Municipal Services” 311 provides citizens with the choice of accessing Municipal information and services. 311 Citizen Services is your single point of contact for local government information and non-emergency services. Whether you’re a resident, a business owner, or a visitor, your connection to The City is at your finger tips. Non-English-speaking callers may request the assistance of an interpreter. The 311 agent will connect with an external interpretive service to assist with the call. The interpretive service offers assistance in more than 150 languages.


Community Health & Social Services” 211 is a free, confidential, multilingual, 24 hour information and referral system. 211 provides information on government and community based health and social services. 211 is available across the province. 211 can help with day-to-day needs and coping with stressful situations before they escalate into a crisis.

211 can provide support in the following situations:

• When you are looking for home care supports for seniors or individuals with disabilities

• When you are trying to find a job

• When you are looking for affordable childcare

• When you want to know where you can volunteer or donate your second-hand items

• When you don’t know where to go for alcohol and/or drug detoxification

• If you are thinking of post-secondary schooling and need to complete your high school diploma or find out how to apply for student loans

• If you are having a tough time finding enough money for food, rent, and other costs

• If you recently moved to Canada and need support connecting to resources

• If you’re a service provider and looking for resources for a client

#377” -City of Edmonton Only –

Non Emergency Police Dispatch” – Edmonton Police are trying to reduce the volume of 911 calls to allow true emergency calls to go through unimpeded. With High call volume 911 may be forced to put you on hold, to some during an emergency this could be fatal. To reduce the risk of fatal non connection with 911 the Alberta Government and the Edmonton City Police “EPS” created #377 to handle all Non-Life Threatening Calls that require police services.

#377 in Edmonton Handles:

– Thefts / Mischief

– Assaults

– Break and Enters into homes/businesses

– Child Abuse/Welfare concerns

– Disturbances/Noise complaints

– Missing Persons

– Sexual Assaults

– Property damage collisions where vehicles are not drivable

– Neighbor disputes

– Family disputes

– Frauds over $5,000.00

– Suspicious persons/vehicles

– Weapons/Gun complaints

Smart Phone Emergency SOS System

Many smart phones from the 4th generation and up will have an “SOS” system built into the OS itself, this can normally be accessed by pressing the “Power Button a specific set of times 3-5” This loud audible system when set to Auto Activation will automatically call 911 for you and send out an SOS text message to your “In Case of Emergency ICE contact”, they will receive a Picture and Text reading SOS “I need help” with the pictures and your GPS coordinates if options have been enabled properly.

For more information on your SOS system built within your smart device, please consult your Manufacturer.

NOTE – Many Emergency Medical Professionals have been taught to utilize this system in the absence of your consciousness to receive information about the casualty that the casualty wishes EMS to know. This helps EMS personnel alter their treatment plans to match the individual if they are rendered unconscious. This “app” is known as the “Medical ID App” pl;ease consult your manufacturer to see how to enable this life saving option as well.

We never know what can happen, its always good to be prepared and have the knowledge we need to help those who need it.

“This material is for information purposes only and is taken from The Canadian Red Cross / Alberta Heart & Stroke Foundation & Alberta Health Services. This information should not be used in place of medical, Technical advice, instructor, and/or treatment. If you have questions, speak to your local Physician or Safety Training Facility.”

Just Remember:

Protect Yourself!!! Call 911!!! Don’t Waste Time!!!

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