Whooping Cough “Pertussis”

Whooping Cough “Pertussis”

Whooping cough can be a life threatening infection that affects Babies, toddlers and young children adversely. In babies whooping cough can lead to a life threatening symptom known as “Apnea” causing pauses in normal breathing, pneumonia, feeding problems, weight loss, seizures, brain damage and in some cases “Death“. Older children and adults can catch Whooping Cough and pass it on to babies and young children as carriers, continuing the spread.

Who is at risk? Anyone can get whooping cough unfortunately, people living in the same household with someone who has contracted whooping cough are especially at risk. Immunization “does” reduce the risk of infection, but immunity does fade over time and boosters should be utilized to hep prevent the spread.


  • – Much like a cold Whooping Cough usually begins with a blocked or runny nose, tiredness, mild fever and a cough.
  • – As symptoms progress the cough worsens and leads to severe bouts of uncontrollable coughing. These coughing bouts may be followed by vomiting, choking or taking big gasping breaths which causes a “whooping” sound. This cough can last for many weeks and can be worse at night.
  • – Some Newborns may not cough at all but they can stop breathing and turn blue. Some babies may even have difficulties feeding and can choke or gag easily.
  • – Older children and adults may just have a cough that lasts for many weeks. They may also not have the “whoop” sound when they cough but are still able to pass on Whooping Cough.

How is it Spread?

Whooping cough is spread when an infectious person coughs bacteria / virus into the air, that same air or particulates are inhaled by people nearby. If they are not treated early, people who are infected with whooping cough are “very” infectious in the “first three weeks” of their illness. Whooping cough also spreads easily through families, childcare centers, schools and shopping centers.


Whooping cough vaccines are “proven” to provide a good protection from infection, however immune responses from a vaccine do fade with time, which means that boosters are needed.

  • – Wash your hands
  • – If your ill, prevent the spread by staying at home and avoiding group gatherings where you can spread the disease by accident.


-Vaccines “DO NOT” cause Autism. Autism is not a disease.

-Vaccines “DO NOT” have mercury in them. Mercury is not a preservative.

Diagnosis & Treatments

“Always consult a medical professional before treating illness on your own, home made remedies may not have the desired effect and may make the illness-symptoms worse”

– If you have been in contact with someone with whooping cough early in their illness “first 3 weeks” they are infectious and you may have been exposed. Watch for symptoms and see your doctor if a new cough begins. Some babies and some pregnant women need antibiotics to prevent whooping cough infection if they have had significant contact “family member” with an infectious person.

“In Alberta Canada you can contact “811” to contact the Alberta Health Link, a Registered Nurse or Paramedic will help you with treatments and options, they may also refer to you to bring the child into a Hospital for treatment.”

We never know what can happen, its always good to be prepared and have the knowledge we need to help those who need it.

“This material is for information purposes only and is taken from The Canadian Red Cross / Alberta Heart & Stroke Foundation & Alberta Health Services. This information should not be used in place of medical, Technical advice, instructor, and/or treatment. If you have questions, speak to your local Physician or Safety Training Facility.”

Just Remember:

Protect Yourself!!! Call 911!!! Don’t Waste Time!!!

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