Covid-19 and your Safety as a Student

Covid-19 and your Safety as a Student

Thank you for taking the time to look over this post, it is amazing that we have come so far in the middle of a Pandemic as an Educational hub for Heath Care Professionals across Alberta.

Recently we have been getting many questions about:

  • – “Why are you not teaching in class?
  • – “I have heard this school saying they are training in class why aren’t you?
  • – “Do I have to do the class online or can I just wait it out?

We want to be clear with our students so that they understand that we:

“Have your Health and Safety as our TOP Priority”

At Saving Grace Medical Academy we have chosen to follow the guidelines and restrictions released by our local Alberta Government for “Your Safety and the Safety of our Staff“. Covid-19 has posed some serious challenges for any educational facility. Reduction in students, reduction in capacity, reduction in income, and so much more can lead any business down a path that could end in ruin.

However, we have chosen to “Stand by the guidelines regardless of the outcome”

The guidelines released by the Alberta Government on November 24th and updated again on December 8th outlined some heavy measures to slow the spread of Covid-19 in our province.

Two major Restrictions that came forward were:

  1. All Group training is here by cancelled
  2. If an Employee can work from home they “Must”

What does this mean?

For some educational facilities it meant very little to be honest, and many have chosen to ignore the restrictions and keep training in person regardless of the dangers, citing that it does not apply to them as it is not worded to address Vocational Schools specifically. Thus placing students in Large Groups within the confines of a classroom with random strangers not in your cohort.

For us here at Saving Grace Medical we want to be clear “Your Safety has ALWAYS been our priority“. At Saving Grace Medical we have maintained a high standard of PPE, social distancing, and sanitization throughout the pandemic. So to answer those first three questions we have been getting quite frequently and even more so after the December 8th release.

Why are you not teaching in class?

  • All Basic Life Support Provider CPR&AED “HCP” courses can be taught online, Thus allowing us to follow the guidelines by training you properly “and” safely. Due to Covid-19 the Heart & Stroke Foundation has released a program called “Basic Life Support Provider Interim Training“, this 2 part course allows you to take an OHS certified online training class and granting temporary certification until the restrictions or danger has been lifted. Once the danger has been reduced in our area Part 2 “In class training, BLS Interim Part 2” will resume with a condensed CPR skill evaluation which meets and exceeds all OHS requirements as well as AHS, Covenant Health and all Governing Body requirements.

I have this school that says they are training in class why aren’t you?

  • We take Covid-19 seriously even if others don’t, it is an unknown disease that has unknown potential complications with the ability to spread rapidly even with precautions put in place. We assume that you would not want to be exposed to any disease, so we won’t put our students at risk by needlessly placing them in a confined space with unknown variables at this time when other options are available. Nobody wants to catch a disease.

Do I have to do the class online or can I just wait it out?

  • To maintain your continuing competencies as “any health care provider” in Canada, it is still a requirement to adhere to the local and governing requirements of your job. Covid-19 has posed some interesting problems for logistics of training. However being as that it is 2020, and we have a multitude of educational boons to lean on with platforms to choose from, it gives us the edge to utilize online learning as a tool to maintain the education of our students and OHS guidelines at the same time. We know it’s not as convenient as some would like it, we also know that its not the end of the world to not have your CPR and First Aid class. However, we are working within the rules set forth by OHS and AHS for your safety and have some simple measures.

Take your course online – Be patient – The pandemic will end – Life will continue

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